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Dynamic AWS IAM Policies

We maintain a CloudFormation custom resource provider for Amazon Connect. The provider has grown organically, and as new features were added, the default role policy has become large. The provider can

My Blogging Tools

If you are looking for a low-cost blogging platform on AWS, look no further! I wanted something very easy to use, which has a lot of features and uses my core tools (AWS, Node, CDK, Markdown). For thi

Adding Assets to CDK Staging Bucket

Today I discovered that you can deploy arbitrary files to the CDK staging bucket with a human-readable file name! This feature is awesome if you are pre-synthing CDK apps to CloudFormation Templates.

CDK package.json Scripts

I found the following package.json scripts very convenient when managing a complex CDK app. The key is the -- operator, which allows us to append additional parameters.

Speed up CDK Pipelines Deployment

I recently converted a large CDK app to use CDK Pipelines. I LOVE how quickly it was to get working but it generated a UGLY and SLOW pipeline.

Write config.json to S3 with AWS CDK

To make prebuilt SPA installers with CDK I like to keep environment configuration outside of the minified code via a config.json file. This allows me to build the app once and move it between environments and stages.

Synth CDK app to Custom Bucket

Some AWS customers don’t use the CLI, and will not grant an external contractor CLI access. Trying to get access is a waste of time and resources. Do not fear, there is a solution!

Fargate with EFS CDK

I struggled WAY too long trying to sort out the permissions for EFS. Turns out, there are 2 layers. The IAM role, and the Posix permissions. Both throw a similar-looking access denied. Finally!