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Roku - Is Live

I am very excited to announce that Screen Saver Gallery is finally live on Roku! Roku is a device that can turn any TV into a streaming smart TV for as little as $25! Get it Now Install Screen Saver G

How I Built a $700/mo Income Stream

First and foremost – there are few things more awesome than getting a direct deposit every month for work you did years ago. What was once modest beer money at $50 a month is now almost serious alcoholic money at $700 a month! How did I do it? Well, hard work for one. You must account for the fact that I have 10 years of software development experience and was able to put together the bulk of the app over a weekend. Don’t let that scare you off, these tips are not technical and apply to anything from an app to a blog.

Screen Saver Gallery

I created a screen-saver app for the Universal Windows Platform. You can find it in the Windows Store It is a slideshow that sources high-quality images from the imgur.com API. It’s not quite a screen