A*GAME Products

Did you know how easy it is to create an online store these days? We configured a single product store and were taking orders in 4 hours!

One of my friends has been running an online supplement store using WordPress for a few years. Everything was running fine until he got hacked and had to pay someone to restore the site. To protect from future hacks, he added SiteLock and CodeGuard, which raised his $15/mo site to $85/mo.

Moving to Shopify

I recommended that he move to Shopify for the following reasons.

  • He got hacked because his WordPress site was not receiving security patches. Shopify handles patching for you so that is one less thing to worry about.
  • Shopify is configured for SSL for free. This secures the transaction and eliminates the “This site is not secure” warning from modern browsers.
  • Shopify supports blogging, mailing lists, and printing labels directly from the admin area.
  • Shopify provides all of this for only $15/mo


During the transition, we used a starter template that already had good contrast and layouts that fit the original style. We simply updated the colors.

People don't read paragraphs on landing pages, you must catch their eye with a pitch.

The product page now looks more professional with an obvious 'call to action'

The cart page has a much cleaner feel

Check out the site at A-GameProducts.com