Workshop: Creating Installable, Serverless Apps on AWS (Video)

AWS is taking over the wold. So it’s time we had a workshop to learn it. -Damian Montero, FloridaJS

I will be presenting a virtual workshop on how to create installable, serverless applications in AWS.

This will be a whirlwind tour covering:

  • Frontend: React w/ AWS Amplify
  • Hosting: S3 with CloudFront and Route53 for DNS
  • Authentication: AWS Cognito with self-sign-up
  • Backend: Lambda with API GW
  • Storage: S3 + DynamoDB

All of those topics deserve their own workshops - but fortunately, we only have to cover the highlights! With the magic of Infrastructure as Code, you can replicate the workshop project in your own AWS environment in about 15-30 minutes.

Register on Meetup: FloridaJS - AWS Workshop by Ivan Bliskavka

Session Recording

Sample Code