Synth CDK app to Custom Bucket

Some AWS customers don’t use the CLI, and will not grant an external contractor CLI access. Trying to get access is a waste of time and resources. Do not fear, there is a solution!

AWS Athena SAM Policies

AWS Athena provides SQL queries over S3 data. The service depends on S3, Glue, and Athena itself so getting permissions set up can be tricky. Here is what worked for me.

Fargate with EFS CDK

I struggled WAY too long trying to sort out the permissions for EFS. Turns out, there are 2 layers. The IAM role, and the Posix permissions. Both throw a similar-looking access denied. Finally!

Synth CDK app to Portable CloudFormation (obsolete)

Update 2/7/2022: Read Synth CDK app to Custom Bucket instead. Consulting requires you to work within the client’s parameters. Some clients have internal standards and want you to deliver your white-label CDK app as CloudFormation. Call me old fashioned but…

AWS Dynamo DB Batch Write Retry

BatchWrite is a great way to speed up data loads and updates but it has some caveats that you MUST know about. Partial success will not throw an error. You must check the unprocessed items and retry t

AWS Serverless Workshop at FloridaJS

I had the honor of presenting an AWS Workshop at my local JavaScript User Group - FloridaJS. It was a short session on building serverless web applications on AWS.