Archive: 2023

Achieved: 250lb Bench Press Goal

For my 2022 New Year’s resolution, I decided on: 250 lb for 1 rep on the bench press. Almost 2 years later, I finally got it.

TechHub Hackathon 2023

We pulled together a team on Friday night, built an app on Saturday, and presented on Sunday. Not a win, but what a great experience!

10x API Start-up Boost

I while ago I optimized my Screen Saver Gallery API by loading a flat data file into lambda memory. A nightly job selects a random subset of the database and stores it in S3, and the API uses that fil

FloridaJS: Amazon Connect and Lex

I will be presenting at FloridaJS on Amazon Connect and Lex. Sign up here DetailsThis is an IN-PERSON event AI from the big three providers can make it a snap to quickly create what you need before tr

AWS Certified SysOps Associate

I am now an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate! 5 years of AWS experience adds up. I only studied about 5 hours for the test using these Udemy practice exams.

AWS SAM Multi-Region Packaging Script

I use this bash loop to package an AWS SAM template to multiple regions. This script stages the CloudFormation template and assets in a regional bucket. You can share the bucket with other accounts vi

My ChatGPT Reading List

There has been a lot of HYPE at the office around AI and ChatGPT. Organizational leaders and clients are looking for the AI angle.

AWS Certified - Database Specialty

I got my AWS Database Specialty Certification! I already have 5 years of experience, my Solution Architect Pro, and Data Analytics certificates so this one wasn’t very difficult.

Adding Assets to CDK Staging Bucket

Today I discovered that you can deploy arbitrary files to the CDK staging bucket with a human-readable file name! This feature is awesome if you are pre-synthing CDK apps to CloudFormation Templates.