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AWS Developer Certified Developer

I am now an AWS Certified Developer - Associate! I had about 8 hours to kill so I bought some Udemy Practice Tests - a week later I had my cert! Let’s talk about how moving to the cloud can save you

AWS Solution Architect Cert

I am now an AWS Solution Architect Associate! My previous experience has all been in an on-premise SOX environment with burdensome manual testing, documentation & deployment processes. The AWS Cloud really does streamline so many of those processes. Not only can you save a ton of money by leveraging their SaaS products, but the time ($$$) you can save on deployments and documentation is simply staggering.

Resume Writing Tips

My friend asked me to help her with her resume, so I decided to make a video of the process. I offer tips on the content and also plenty of technical tips on making your life easier in Microsoft Word.